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Mayweather vs McGregor
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by @betdetective



I don’t profess to be an expert on either boxing or mixed martial arts but that doesn’t mean we cant make some money on this event, or any event that captures the public’s imagination as much as this one. 



The public are firmly behind Conor McGregor in this and it’s not hard to see why with Mayweather a recidivistic wife beater and general shit bag while the Irishman appears to be a decent sort of fella behind the usual bullshit and bravado that most successful fighters have. 



This public support will see all or certainly most bookies with big liabilities on McGregor as punters back the result they want to see rather than what they – with an unbiased mind – actually think will happen. This means the bookies have pushed the odds on a Mayweather victory out from an opening $1.08 to around $1.30. If the big hitters get involved close to the fight this could end up around the $1.25 mark but either way it’s miles too big.



Mayweather is not a big puncher – he’s barely knocked anyone out for years – but he’s widely acknowledged as the best defensive boxer of his generation, and perhaps of all time. He’s extremely hard to catch with a clean punch, and that’s exactly what McGregor will need to do if he’s to win the fight. Mayweather will jab, punch and move and try to wear McGregor down over the course of the fight.



I can see the fight going the distance and Mayweather getting a unanimous verdict looking practically untouched while McGregor is battered black and blue, but still on his feet. Just. 


There are some decent bookie offers knocking around and the best of these with regards to Mayweather winning are as follows:


Screenshot 2015-03-18 17.20.26

Crownbet are offering a bonus bet refund of up to $50 if you bet on the method of victory and lose your bet so $50 on Mayweather by points at $3.50 sees either +$125 or your money back


Screenshot 2016-08-12 09.14.01

Mayweather is currently $1.75 to win by KO or TKO (or DQ) on Betfair and Ladbrokes are offering $25 at $3.0 on this happening.


Place both of these bets and these are the possible outcomes:



McGregor wins: -$25

Mayweather wins by KO or TKO: +$50

Mayweather wins on a points decision: +$100

Who’d pay $25 to see Mayweather knocked out? I would. 




I’m also backing Mayweather on points at $4.25 with   for 3 units and this is the official recommended bet. 

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