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by @betdetective

We went 0/1 last week with Brisbane going down to Adelaide. The Roar’s cause was not helped by Adam Taggart’s first half injury and Adelaide probably just about deserved the win. Brisbane are worth opposing without Taggart and if you can get evens about Newcastle to beat them if he’s out this weekend then that’s a decent bet. 


We have two single bets plus a couple of multi’s this week. 



2 units Melbourne Victory to beat Adelaide at $2.0 with Sportsbet


1 unit Melbourne City to beat Perth at $3.20 with Sportsbet

1 unit multi Western Sydney x Sydney at $1.72 and $1.40 which equates to $2.40 for the double.


I’m also going to put on 0.5 units on the following in a multi – because the top odds are all with Sportsbet and I make all good value.


Melbourne Victory  at $2.0

Western Sydney at $1.72

Sydney at $1.40

Melbourne City +0.5 goals at $1.61


Odds for multi: $7.77

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