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AFL: Results Database


This database shows all home and away and finals matches from the start of the 2014 season. 



Home Team

Away Team

Home Score

Away Score

Winning Margin


Home Q1 Score 

Away Q1 Score

Q1 Winning Margin

Q1 win/loss

HT Home Score

HT Away Score

HT Winning Margin

HT win/loss



1Q Total

Estimate 1Q points line

over/under 1Q

Total Points HT

Estimate HT points line

over/under HT

Total Points

Pinnacle Closing Total Points Line

over/under Total Points

Weather – dry – wet 1-5 with 5 being wetter than an otter’s pocket 

Scoring Shots

Inside 50’s

The odds and lines quoted are from Pinnacle where possible. The over/under Q1 and HT total point lines are estimates based on the game total lines. If you spot an obvious error please let us know.

This database is intended for personal use only. Do not make the data available elsewhere or you’ll be in very big trouble.