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AFL: Round 19
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Round 18: Bets 8, units staked 10, -0.76 units profit

2019: Bets 113, units staked 122.5, +2.99 units profit at 2.44% ROI


A small loss in round 18 with the Swans going down by a point and the Crows somehow failing to cover against the Bombers. The p/l hangs in the balance. It’s almost exciting. 


Only two matches worth a wager this week by our numbers that are getting closer to the market line with each week it seems unless you can get set on a Monday which will very quickly see your accounts limited. I don’t think we are far off seeing lines so accurately predicted by models far more advanced than ours which will make AFL punting a worthless exercise for 99.9% of punters. We will see. 



Usual stakes. 1 unit win, 1.5 line. 


Fremantle at $2.7 at +13.5 with TAB

Gold Coast (don’t laugh) at 36.5 and $7 with TAB and Betfair

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