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It’s important that this page doesn’t become a full on whinge up about bad beats because as we know the NBA is jam packed full of them…BUT…a 10/1 bet on the Lakers yesterday going down after double overtime and hitting $1.15 in – play on Betfair is worth a mention!


At the end of normal time a Lakers forward only had to lay the ball up from under the rim to win the game but he somehow managed to fumble the ball in his haste.


So, with so many of our long shots trading at odds on it may be worth putting a lay up on Betfair in – play. How you can do this to get around the pathetic laws in Australia is to put up a ‘keep bet’ pre match.


The screenshot below shows where you click the ‘keep’ option on Betfair, AFTER you’ve confirmed the bet and gone to ‘Open Bets’. 



Alternatively, you can phone up Betfair on 132238 or use a VPN.


I’ll be putting a few of these up personally but will not include them as recommended bets as yet. Let’s see how they go. 



Two for today:

1 unit Milwaukee Bucks to beat Toronto Raptors at $3.20 on Betfair


1 unit LA Lakers to beat Minnesota Timberwolves at $4.99 with Pinnacle

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