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A nice bit of profit yesterday with the Kings miraculously getting up over the Heat and i’ve spoken/whinged/whined about bad beats enough on these pages that I feel I should acknowledge being on the right side of the lucky coin on this occasion. It looked done and dusted with the Heat getting to a 10 point lead after trailing for most of the match when the Kings went on a late run and got up by one point with the last shot of the match. 


We’ll take it!


A big day for us with 6 best bets today while i was also tempted to back the Hawks…so i’ll be hoping they get beaten.



All 1 unit bets, all with Pinnacle.




Grizzlies to beat Clippers at $2.46


Nets to beat Bucks at $3.09


76ers to beat Spurs at $2.47


Jazz to beat Raptors at $4.26


Pacers to beat Cavs at $3.10


Pelicans to beat Rockets at $2.66


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