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Its the usual busy Tuesday morning for NBA bettors and we are no different, with four bets.


I’ve crunched some numbers re not only Oddy NBA picks but also a few other NBA handicappers and it seems to me that – and this is something I’ve believed for a long time across most sports – it is very difficult to make money at odds on or close to even money.


The way to make money on NBA is to select the correct outsiders, yes you’re going to have losing runs and therefore chunky drawdowns to your bank but as long as your stake and bank management is good, the profits will come.¬†



1 unit Knicks to beat Hornets at $3.27 with Pinnacle


1 unit Portland to beat Minnesota at $2.53 with Pinnacle


0.5 units Jazz to beat Houston at $7.8 on Betfair ($7 Pinnacle)


0.5 units LA Clippers to beat San Antonio at $6.94 with Pinnacle 


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