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Basketball: NBA Best Bets + P&L Update
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Quick profit/loss update for these NBA best bets:



We are two months in and have had 66 bets so it’s still a very small sample but we are in front by 6.76 units from 60.81 units staked (+11.1% ROI).




Odds breakdown:


$3.0 and over: 27 bets +10.47 (39% ROI)

$2.01 – $2.98: 22 bets -0.16 (-1% ROI)

$1.78 – $2.0: 17 bets -3.55 (-21% ROI)




It should be pretty obvious from the numbers above why we are concentrating on the bigger odds selections. We’ll still put up bets are lower odds but will be very selective with those.




In summary it’s been a very solid start and if we can keep the ROI above 5% until the end of the season I’ll be happy.




Four bets today.



0.5 units Jazz to beat Golden State at $6.75 with Unibet


0.66 units Nets to beat New Orleans at $4.80 with Pinnacle


1 unit Grizzlies to beat LA Lakers at $2.40 with Lads/Betstar


1 unit Raptors to beat Oklahoma at $2.40 with Sportsbet




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