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BetDetective's 2015 National League Bets
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As the year draws to a close it seems as good a time as any (there is no bad time)  for some retrospective performance analysis of the previous 12 months from our on site betting analysts (I hate the word tipster…).



2015 BetDetective’ 2015 National League Analysis

Bets: 94

Wins: 31

Strike rate: 33%

Average Odds: $4.38

PROFIT: 20.11 units

ROI: 21.4%



Odds Ranges:

$6.0+: 13 bets -2 units

$4.0 – $5.99: 38 bets +8.64 units

$3.0 – $3.99: 25 bets +13.56 units 

$1.95 – $2.99: 18 bets +0.42 units




Teams with 4 or more bets:

Altrincham: 12 bets +0.8

Bromley: 6 bets +3.46

Guiseley: 9 bets -3.1

Halifax: 5 bets +3.86

Kidderminster: 10 bets -9.5

Lincoln: 7 bets +0.83

Macclesfield: 5 bets +5.22

Torquay: 5 bets -1

Welling: 5 bets -1.94

and the best team…Woking with 4 bets for +6.2 units.



Kidderminster have been the fly in the ointment but they’ll win a couple before the season’s done at 5/1+ and i just hope we are on when it counts. 



We had one anytime goalscorer bet which won at $10!

We selected eight ‘draw no bet’ teams for +2.3 units but none of them drew so we cost ourselves money there. 




Overall, an excellent performance from BetDetective with a 21.4% Return On Investment, which is very similar to the return he’s seen in previous years.



BetDetective also made selections in 2015 from the EPL, Championship, League 1, League 2 and the A League.


Bets: 59

Wins: 25

Strike rate: 42%

Average Odds: $2.86

PROFIT: 8.16 units

ROI: 13.8%

The average odds are much lower here due to a period of selecting Football League favourites using my ratings in early 2015. 




As always, if anyone wants to see the full tipping record in a spreadsheet just drop us a line at mark@oddyoddyoddy.com or on twitter @Oddy_Oddy_Oddy

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