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Bookmaker Review - Sportsbetting.com.au
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The adverts for Sportsbetting.com.au read “No Gimmicks. Just great fixed odds betting”….so is this claim fair or not?


The gimmicks they are referring to are sign up bonuses, increased odds promos and odds boosts.



So how does the product offered by Sportsbetting stack up?




Racing – we’ve been monitoring the odds offered by Sportsbetting over the past two weeks and we’ve been impressed by what we’ve seen. They are often top odds on at least one of the top three in the market in their early prices and SP returns on Saturday Metro meetings of around 1.5% per runner is competitive. 





Sports – $1.90 lines offered on AFL and NRL and the layout is tidy with the page for each week’s matches showing: money line, line, O/U and 1-39 and 40+ for AFL and money line, line, O/U and 1-12 and 13+ for NRL. This is the preferred layout and much more preferable than having to click into each match and then locate the main markets. 


Friday morning at 10am shows only 13 additional markets on NRL and AFL other than those above and is this a negative when Sportsbet have a staggering 262 additional markets? Not for us, as there are few things more frustrating when trying to get a bet on than not being able to locate the market due to excessive noise on the page. 


There is probably scope for a few more markets but I like the less is more reasoning here. Unless you bet 1/4 and 1/2 time totals markets you probably won’t miss the extra markets offered by other bookmakers.



All in all we are impressed by the old school feel betting experience offered by Sportsbetting.com.au which is Australian owned and well established having been operating since 1998. Their Twitter page is also very good – @bettingcomau – as it avoids the memes and jokes that dominate many other bookmakers social media pages and concentrates on pointing their followers to bets where they are offering top odds. How it should be!


Click on the logo to sign up and let us know what you think!



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