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English Football: Championship, L1 & L2
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By Rob Cocozza



“You never count your money when you’re sitting at the table – there’ll be time enough for counting when the dealing’s done” said the Gambler to Kenny Rogers. And then he died, which is why I prefer to quote other people’s advice than my own. If you’ve been following our tips, you’ll know what we mean.

Thank God the January transfer window has closed. If it had stayed open much longer, players would have ended up back where they started. Hang on a minute – for punters, that might not be such a bad thing. With so many re-invented teams out there, analysis of recent performances counts for less. Let’s tread carefully:



Saturday 7th February


Sheffield Wednesday v Cardiff

Some Thai people have just bought Wednesday, and had enough left over to buy four new players of decent pedigree. They’re obviously on a push for promotion, but a dressing-room full of people who speak different languages and haven’t played together is a gamble. Mine’s with Cardiff at $3.95 with Screenshot 2014-05-03 15.52.18




Wolves v Reading

I’d defy anyone to justify an opinion on who’s the better of these two. Reading are definitely getting there since the excellent Steve Clarke took charge, and they look the bet at $3.60 with Screenshot 2015-01-29 20.29.37






It’s known that children who suffer cruelty often go on to inflict it on others in turn as a way of coping psychologically, hence perpetuating violence in the disgusting world we live in. Leyton Orient and Crewe Alexandra were both battered in their own back yards by guests last week and, sad to say, these things happen (especially to teams playing MK Dons, as were Crewe). So cruel is this world that there are betting markets for such events, so back:

Colchester v Crewe

Crewe at $4.01 with Screenshot 2014-05-03 15.52.18



Rochdale v Leyton Orient

Orient at $3.19 with Screenshot 2014-05-03 15.52.18


Yeovil v Crawley

Speaking of cruelty and injustice, Gary Johnson took Yeovil from amateur football to the third tier of the pro game in England and, following stints elsewhere, returned to take them to the second division in the whole of England. Yes, Yeovil made the Championship. They didn’t survive that, but made a fist of it when getting relegated last May. He’s now been sacked as they struggle to survive back in the third, the poor sod. Crawley are on the up, and should be $3.5 or so to win this, not the $5.30 that Screenshot 2014-05-03 15.52.18   are offering.





Bury v Exeter

Exeter’s form has taken a nose dive, which explains their big price to win this. Of course, Bury are very good, but they’re not unbeatable and most of their games are close scorelines. Take Ec-sta-cty at $3.90 with Screenshot 2014-05-07 13.02.14



Tranmere v Carlisle

These are two of the teams who have not fared so well generally this season, but who have improved considerably of late. It’s hard to tell them apart, but Carlisle have managed to attack the home team in their last few attempts, and Rovers have ceded a good few shots – and to pretty ordinary opponents. This looks like a fairly even match up. Back Carlisle at $3.90 with Screenshot 2014-05-03 15.52.18

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