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English Football: Weekend's Best Bets
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by @betdetective


We got off to a good start last weekend with a couple of units profit so hoping to build on that start in League 1 and League 2 with no EPL or Championship matches during the international break.




League 1:

Gillingham (vs AFC Wimbledon) 1 unit win at $3.0  & 1 unit 0 hcp (DNB) at $2.02 

Doncaster (vs Luton) 1 unit -0.25 goals at $2.1 




League 2:

Oldham (vs Newport) 1 unit at $2.3

Lincoln (vs Crawley) 1 unit -1 goal at $2.14

Northampton (vs Cheltenham) 1 unit -1 goal at $2.14

Swindon (vs Morecambe) 1 unit at $2.50



odds quoted from bet365 so happy days if you can get set there, if not shop around and you’ll get close to the same or better odds. 

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