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English Premier League: Man Utd vs Man City
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by @betdetective



It’s Manchester derby time, or the battle of the nasal whiny accents belonging to blokes who believe they invented music circa 1988, as I like to think of it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against Mancs. Well, not when compared to Scousers anyway. 


Anyway, thats enough gushing love for my fellow Poms.



Screenshot 2016-09-09 12.17.47Screenshot 2016-09-09 12.17.21


It’s Man Utd vs Man City at Old Trafford, or the Theatre of Dreams as some Reds fans like to call it – don’t get me started – and the narrative surrounding the game is all about the managers with Mourinho and Guardiola taking each other on for the first time in the Premier League. 



One thing I think is guaranteed in this game is that Mourinho will pack the midfield in an attempt to kill the creativity of players like Silva and De Bruyne and this could make for a game that is as dull as it is highly anticipated. It is also likely that Guardiola will be more than happy with a draw.




My ratings for last season and this have the odds as Man Utd 2.79 Man City 2.58

My ratings for season 14/15 on have the odds as Man Utd 2.70 Man City 2.66

For 13/14 on Man Utd 2.70 Man City 2.66

For 05/06 on Man Utd 2.12 Man City 3.60


The current odds are $2.38, $3.50 which makes City look like decent value from the ratings over the last few years and it also illustrates just how far Man Utd have regressed in the last decade. 



I’m not going to take too much notice of my ratings for once – famous last words – and go with my feeling on how this game is likely to be played out. 



I see this as a low scoring affair with a draw the value bet.



Under 2.5 goals is a decent beat at around $1.80 as is the Screenshot 2016-08-12 09.14.01 offer of $2.80 for Man Utd to win the match but i’m going with two correct score predictions for half a unit each.



0-0 at $9.50 with Screenshot 2015-02-28 15.16.54

1-1 at $7.0 with Screenshot 2015-02-28 15.16.54

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