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Euro 2016: Sportsbet Multi
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by @betdetective

Zero return yesterday. Sound familiar? Hmmm.

We’re sticking with the SPORTSBET multi as it definitely offers value. We’ve just got to pick the right bets. Obviously. 

Spain play Turkey and I was seemingly more impressed with the Spanish than most observers when they beat the Czech Republic with a late goal. They were camped on the edge of the Czech’s box for most of the second half and it could have been three or four. Turkey were no match for Croatia and they should be no match for Spain either. 

Italy play Sweden and the Swedes failed to register a shot on target in their 1-1 draw with Ireland with their goal coming from a green shirted player. This does not bode well if you’re expecting goals from the Scandinavians with Italy looking supreme in defence when beating the hugely disappointing Belgium in their opening match.

Italy will sit and wait for Sweden to attack them and look to get at their opponents on the break. They will not give anything away and will happily settle for a draw, which is what we’ll be hoping for too. 

Last up is Croatia against the Czech Republic and we’ve got to be with the Croats again. If you can’t enjoy watching their midfield then you just don’t like football. Modric was the star against Turkey when they managed 18 shots on goal but his partner in the middle of the park, Rakatic, is equally talented and they are a formidable duo in skill if not in size. 


Spain at $1.44

Draw at $3.30

Croatia at $1.95

A 1 unit ($50 max) multi pays just over 8/1 with money back if one leg fails us.

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