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By Goldstoner @ballparkprophet



Saturday 3rd October


Here we go with both hands full again, gents (for surely no ladies are daft enough to follow this) and this week’s controversial picks see us oppose three high-flyers with great records at home among seven others.

Slip a box down your trunks and play on.






Blackburn v Ipswich

Ipswich manager, Mick McCarthy, said this week that his team is no better and no worse than most others in the division. His honesty and humility is as refreshing as his pertinence. This one is an even-looking match up if ever there was one. Take his Tractor Boys to sneak it at $3.40 with Screenshot 2014-05-03 13.10.10





Brighton v Cardiff

Brighton have had a great start, but not by exactly annihilating anyone – except for Ipswich, ironically enough, but that was a one-off and most of their other games have been touch and go. Cardiff pitched 30 odd crosses in their last match and could catch the seasiders out with that approach. Like their league position, flatter them by quoting Cardiff at $4.75 with Screenshot 2014-05-03 13.10.10, which is recommended.





Bristol City v MK Dons

Opposing managers so far have generally agreed on what a good team City are, after beating them (except when they obliged us at $6 at Middlesbrough earlier on, you’ll remember). The Dons are no slouches either. Despite occupying the bottom two places, the away side is $4.10 with Screenshot 2014-05-21 12.49.05 for this, another that could go either way. Take them if you dare.





Leeds v Birmingham

Birmingham know the way of the road (that’s not to say they urinate into plastic jugs, necessarily), while Leeds remain incontinent at home. Bigger than $3.42 for Brum is a bet, with Screenshot 2014-05-03 15.52.18





Wolverhampton v Huddersfield

It’s a bit hard to judge Wolves’ recent form because players keep getting sent off early in their games, either for or against. They had a bit to prove anyway, and will they know what to do when all 22 next remain on the pitch? Huddersfield have shown definite signs of improvement, and could win. Back them at $4.09 courtesy ofScreenshot 2014-05-03 15.52.18









Coventry v Shrewsbury

In order to maintain an air of mystery about our wonderful insight and complex reasoning, suffice it to say that my money’s on Shrewsbury. Have them at $3.60 with Screenshot 2014-05-03 15.52.18





Gillingham v Oldham

The words “Gillingham” and “awesome” are seldom found in the same sentence, yet their home form in league football warrants it: they’ve won all five there this season, so move on to the next tip if you’re sensible or faint-hearted. “Oldham” and “mediocre” are more likely linguistic bed-fellows, if only to describe their away record, but they’ve played well in achieving so many draws. Take them to spring a surprise at $4.33 with Screenshot 2014-05-03 13.10.10








AFC Wimbledon v Barnet

Barnet are much better than their name suggests, and are good on the road. Their performances deserve better than they’ve got. They’re the bet at $3.75 with Screenshot 2014-05-03 13.10.10





Leyton Orient v Notts County

Eight places separate these in the league table, but only four points. They’ve both got plenty of good players, so Notts at $4.50 with Screenshot 2014-05-03 13.10.10 are well over-priced and are the bet.





Wycombe v Northampton

Our second opposition of a team at the top of the table playing at home is here. Wycombe manager, Gareth Ainsworth keeps telling the press that his team are over-achieving, presumably to alleviate the pressure that comes with being top of the league from his players. That said, he could well be right. Northampton to prove it at $3.6 with Screenshot 2014-05-03 13.10.10 gets our money.

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