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National League Picks 29/03/16
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by @betdetective




Deep breaths, shoulders back, try to stop the face twitching for a second.


One winner from 28 bets. TWENTY EIGHT. It’s actually two losing runs, one of 10 bets and one of 17.


I just googled this ‘ losing runs ave odds 4.75 ‘ and sat at 4th on the page is a post i wrote on my old blog https://thebetdetective.wordpress.com/page/10/ about the very subject amongst some tables detailing how long a losing run you should expect at the average odds you back at. My current run is rare but also something that is guaranteed at some point at the odds i back at.



Four bets:

Bromley to beat Forest Green at $3.44 with Screenshot 2014-05-03 15.52.18


Macclesfield to beat Grimsby at $4.46 with Screenshot 2014-05-03 15.52.18


Torquay to beat Eastleigh at $3.50 with Screenshot 2014-05-03 13.10.10


Wrexham to beat Cheltenham at $3.08 with Screenshot 2014-05-03 15.52.18

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