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NBA Season Plan!
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by @betdetective


The NBA season is rolling on and all teams have now played a minimum of 13 games. 


Last year we had 160 NBA bets for a profit of 2.83 units. That’s a whopping 1.77% ROI.


It’s hard to make money on the NBA, but it is doable if you’re prepared to cop some ugly losing runs, as match odds on outsiders is the way to go according to all the number crunching and analysis of past bets we’ve done. 


Backing away teams at $7+ since 2010 would have seen 516 bets for just under 100 units profit so close to 20% ROI while backing home teams at $5+ also showed a profit of 9%, $7+ a profit of 37% and $10+ a profit of 16%.



  • We’ll be backing all teams at $7+ for one unit  (this season we would have had 19 bets (all aways) for -5 units)


With this system we suggest starting with small stakes as the losing runs can be brutal and bets infrequent. If your betting bank is $2,500 we suggest one unit be a max of 2% at the odds we are betting at so one unit equals a max of $50.


We will also be putting up more bets from our pricing model, but will also be concentrating on outsiders, mostly at $3+ although there will be some handicap bets too when the model makes favourites excellent value. We do not suggest betting more than 4% of your bank on any of these bet suggestions. 


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