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SAT 28th March 2015

We’ve been doing consistently well for ages, and it’s tempting to up stumps while ahead and call it a good ‘un. But that is to yield to dread of the inevitable losing run, something like climbing a very high ladder, then looking down and shitting oneself. So when Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” he meant us as much as the mugs. Keep it up. Mind you, he obviously never had two thousand bets on the English lower three, or he’d have known the fiercely oscillating fortunes, often sustained rates of success and failure we experience “doing the same thing”. We press on with five for the weekend from the two divisions playing.








Peterborough v Coventry

Peterborough are having a right punt for the play-offs, having just acquired a sackful of decent loanees, but Coventry rank as well as them for the time being, and I think they’ll score at least one, making them a good bet to win at $3.77 with Screenshot 2014-05-03 15.52.18






Bury v Southend

Bury’s recent results flatter their performances a little, which accounts for their being priced up too short. Southend have had a couple of duff results, including a rotten, goalless spectacle against Cambridge last time out, but we can forgive a good team days like that, and Southend are one, so have a tilt at them at $3.15 withScreenshot 2014-05-03 15.52.18





Exeter v Morecambe

Both of these have been unconvincing in their last few games, and any result could ensue. We’ll spare you the logic: Morecambe at $3.30 with Screenshot 2014-05-03 13.10.10 is the bet.





Northampton v Luton

Luton have lost their last five, and seven of eight games. That’s hard to defend, but there’s been little in any of those matches. Northampton have been less than their best lately; and there’s your bet for Luton to win at $3.50 with Screenshot 2014-05-03 15.52.18







Oxford v Carlisle

This is a fiddly one to make sense of. Two points separate these in the league, and Oxford are perceived to have under-performed. They’ve both gone and borrowed a barrow-load of youngsters from top clubs, along with everyone else – it’s like hunger games in league two these days – so it’s anybody’s guess. And at $4.50 withScreenshot 2014-05-03 13.10.10, guess Carlisle.

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