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Saturday 7th March


If Stevenage had scored their penalty, the last kick of the game, at Wycombe, we’d have done very nicely indeed last weekend. Alas, they didn’t and we lost under half a unit stake. Not the worst of bad weekends, all told.


It looks like the layers are reducing prices on teams in a fight for survival, as though their desperation makes them more likely to win. Certainly, there is always one struggler in any given league that strings together a load of wins in the run-in, but rarely two. Opposing them is often good value, and a couple creep into the scope of our bets this week.


Hang on to your hats then, lest they get blown away by the wind as we chuck caution to it. Many of these are higher than our average bet ie they’ve less chance of winning, so it’s a high-risk strategy. As if you needed any further encouragement, there are a nice round, auspicious thirteen of them. However, they all have a better chance than the prices shown, I think – therefore I bet:





Cardiff v Charlton

Charlton the bet at $4.66 with Screenshot 2014-05-03 15.52.18




Huddersfield v Rotherham

Rotherham at $3.70 with Screenshot 2015-01-29 20.29.37



Ipswich v Brentford

Brentford at $3.75 with Screenshot 2015-01-29 20.29.37




Wigan v Leeds

Leeds at $4.05 with Screenshot 2014-05-03 15.52.18










Coventry v Port Vale

Port Vale at $3.30 with Screenshot 2014-05-03 13.10.10




MK Dons v Preston

Preston at $3.20 with Screenshot 2014-05-03 13.10.10




Sheffield United v Fleetwood

Fleetwood at $6.0 with Screenshot 2014-05-03 13.10.10



Swindon v Notts Co

Notts Co at $7.0 with Screenshot 2014-05-03 13.10.10








Luton v Morecambe

Morecambe at $4.01 with Screenshot 2014-05-03 15.52.18


Plymouth v Northampton

Northampton at $3.60 with Screenshot 2014-05-03 13.10.10




Southend v Wycombe

Wycombe at $3.80 with Screenshot 2014-05-03 13.10.10




Stevenage v Newport

Newport at $3.45 with Screenshot 2014-05-03 15.52.18




Tranmere v Dag & Red

Dagenham and Redbridge at $4.20 withScreenshot 2014-05-03 13.10.10

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